Sponsor pricing depends on a variety of factors such as the contest frequency and options chosen, prizes being sponsored, player reach, level of content creation needed, and more.

Please fill out the form here or email contact@consumerbreak.com and include as much detail as possible about your brand so we can get in touch and start exploring options best suited for your objectives!


The contest lengths and frequency are completely custom. (max. 1 per week)

Each contest will continue running until a chosen amount of plays is reached which will then kickoff a countdown timer for the contest to be finished.

For example, you may run a day-long or week-long contest regardless of the play count, or have it remain live until 100 plays are reached and instantly close with the first 100 plays, or run a game until 50 plays are reached & kick off a 3-day countdown, or anywhere in between. Again, it’s all up to you!


You may choose to offer one of 4 level options in any contest: 1-level, 5-level, 10-level, or 15-level. Each level will present a new puzzle image and call-to-action browser link, with puzzles becoming more difficult as levels increase. Users can save where they left off so they don’t have to solve all levels in one sitting.

For all contests, the last level serves as the “Competition Level” where users will have 10 attempts to get their fastest time score recorded. Additionally, your social links will be linked on all levels and an audio clip of your choice (brand pitch, music, etc.) may be heard continuously through all levels or customized per level.

We will convert your social media and website content into beautiful and engaging puzzle images that will have your audience excited to play. If you don’t have existing content, our team of talented designers will create an engaging campaign meeting your objectives. If you already have a team handling your media - no worries - just send us your content for each game!


All contests will be accessible through a direct link that can be shared and distributed on any media. People that tap this link (e.g. from a social media or blog post, website, email, etc.) will be directed to download the ConsumerBreak app, or if they have the app downloaded will open directly to your contest.

You may choose to make your contests Public or Private. Public games will be displayed as thumbnails in the ConsumerBreak mobile app that users can browse and choose to play, while Private games will only be accessible through the direct link. You may also have a Password game, in which users will tap the “Password Entry” button inside the ConsumerBreak app and if they enter a password that corresponds to your contest it will open up for play.


All games are required to offer monetary prizes such as your products, gift cards, coupons & discounts, merchandise, in-venue services (food & drinks), etc. or if you can’t offer anything then we can facilitate PayPal Cash prizes. The games need to provide incentive and excitement for users to compete. Trust us, this small cost will be worth the hype!

For every contest, the prizes will be clearly defined, and after the contest is concluded you are responsible for delivering the prizes to the respective winners.

You are responsible for promoting your own contests, and we can’t guarantee how much extra traffic you’ll receive organically from the app Home Screen.


After any of your contests concludes, we will send you a statistics report that includes the total number of plays and attempts, average time played on every level, and number of website/social clicks and social shares.

We will also send you a leaderboard containing the contact information of all winners in your contest, and you are responsible for delivering prizes to the respective winners based on your contest’s prize offerings.

ConsumerBreak® is a viable gamification platform for all types of brands!

Below are samples of great puzzle images that our team created using existing brand content. CONTACT US now to include your own contest for our Android + iOS V2.0 app launch in Fall 2019!


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