Solve puzzles. Win stuff.

What is ConsumerBreak?

The game features a new competition starting every Friday! Solve 15 new beautifully crafted puzzles each week to enter. See our LEADERBOARDS section after every game so you can see how you stack up.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of every month! Winners will comprise of the top scores on Level 15 out of all games in the month, as well as monthly drawings. Completing any of the competitions during the month will earn you 1 entry into the drawings, so make sure to get your best score in every week!

The prizes for the current month are listed at our PRIZES section. They will become larger and more abundant with the more plays there are on every game through sponsor participation. Help spread the word so we can give away more stuff!

How to Play

For each game level, you'll be given a puzzle to solve as fast as you can!

Just tap on a piece to rotate it, and drag it to the correct spot to get more pieces. You can also "Pass" a piece to come back for it later, or hold down the "View" button to see the full image.

Puzzles will become more difficult as you progress.

How to Enter

To enter your "Play", simply complete all 15 levels. First beat levels 1-14 by outscoring the timer, and then compete on Level 15 against all the other players in the competition. You will have 10 attempts to get your best time score.

fastest player_00000.jpg

Winners will be determined at the end of every month, and will be announced on social media and our PRIZES section. They will be notified at the contact email saved in the app for prize delivery (cash prizes delivered via PayPal).

This is only the beginning.

As traffic increases, MORE advertisers will participate that will enable larger and LARGER prizes, which will draw FURTHER traffic and continue the cycle!

IMAGINE... In this massively exploding mobile ad market, MILLIONS OF DOLLARS could actually be given away to consumers EVERY YEAR on ConsumerBreak!

millions good_00000 copy.jpg

Make sure to spread the word and help revolutionize how we view and interact with advertising.


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