How ConsumerBreak adds value to digital marketing campaigns:

We engage active, distracted consumers.


Our brand stories have the power to resonate, motivate and leave a memorable impression on your audience. 


Make ConsumerBreak the Plus One to your digital marketing campaign. Our strategy engages in ways that appeal to many coveted demographics such as Men's Skincare, Hair Care and Beard Care.


Is a younger audience missing your brand value? We have a consumer education app that will engage, immerse and convert. Work with us!


The ConsumerBreak Brand

We listen to your objectives and identify how to effectively achieve the goals outlined.

We apply consumer education through customized immersion gamification. Our technology reinforces the value of your brand through fun interaction. 

Gamification is a respected learning tool that is used to teach K-12 students and to train employees. It is considered one of the best ways to teach distracted, active learners.

Our methodology is also considered one of the best ways to engage millennial consumers enthusiastically.

Work with us to share your brand value with a wider demographic, engage your audience and improve customer loyalty. Incorporate ConsumerBreak as part of your digital marketing.