Android app + iOS V2.0 launching Fall 2019

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GET FREE ACCESS to our Android or iOS V2.0 BETA NOW to participate in several games with REAL CASH PRIZES to compete for!

(U.S. 18+)



✨ TOP 30 WIN $2 EACH!
(1-puzzle) Ends Sept. 30th.

✨ TOP 10 WIN $3 EACH!
bonus: 20th place wins $5!
(10-puzzle) Ends Sept. 30th.

✨ TOP 100 WIN $10 EACH!
(15-puzzle) Ends Sept. 30th.
(same contest as public game in ios App Store)


Once you are signed in to our BETA build, you may join our V.I.P. Facebook Community for free by submitting the email address you have saved in-app.

In the ConsumerBreak V.I.P. Community you may post any feedback, share scores, communicate with fans and the app creators, submit pics to be turned into puzzles for games, get inside news & beta features before anyone else, and best of all... SECRET GAMES! 😄



ConsumerBreak® is fun, rewards-based gamification.

The puzzle game immerses consumers in brand education through a dedicated mobile platform that provides competitive play over 1-15 levels.

ConsumerBreak® adds value through the interactive engagement provided by incentivized competitive puzzle solving. Players study and attempt to memorize brand images in order to do well in the games by solving the puzzles faster and increasing their chance of winning prizes. It's a win-win for everyone!

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ConsumerBreak is a free mobile app soon to be available for iOS/Android devices downloadable on the App Store and Google Play.

App users (a.k.a. players, participants, consumers) will access public games by choosing thumbnails on a Home Screen, or reach them via a direct link or Password Entry. Brands (a.k.a. sponsors, venues, advertisers) host the contests by working with us to convert their content to puzzle games.

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There is a series of different “levels” to complete in every contest (1-level, 5-level, 10-level, or 15-level). Each level offers a new puzzle to solve that increases in difficulty as levels progress.

On the last level of any game (the “Competition Level”), users compete against each other for the fastest time score to get on a leaderboard and win prizes. This level allows users to solve the puzzle up to a total of 10 times to try to get their best time score for the contest. 

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Prizes are at the sole discretion of our brand sponsors, and will vary between each contest. Simply tap the "Info" icon for any contest to see the details.

Prizes may include things such as: products & merchandise, event tickets, gift cards, coupons & discounts, deals & promotions, in-venue services, cash, etc.

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Submit your email address at the top of this page to get free access.

Leaderboards are posted at, and cash payouts are delivered via PayPal. (U.S. 18+ only, void where prohibited)

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