The goal of ConsumerBreak® is to become a central hub that houses a multitude of branded games, searchable by keywords and categories and integrated with social features. All content would be controlled by self-serve user-uploaded advertiser accounts. Advertiser Users will have access to an admin portal to upload content and choose options, manage their subscription and see statistics, and enable automated cash prize delivery to contest winners if desired.

Advertising on the public homepage would be charged at a cost per play (starting at $1/play), with targeting options available including by location, age/gender, interest, and play history.

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A summary of some features includes:

  • More game types that are focused on brand engagement - including familiar spin-offs like Memory or Spot-the-Difference as well as original games AdBreak® & AdSmash®

  • Video feature in which users watch a video and tap on the screen to capture screenshots to be used for the puzzles in the contest

  • Coupons delivered and redeemed in-app

  • Easy prize redemption in-app including PayPal Cash

  • Brand profiles that showcase multiple games with varying levels

  • Game point system that allows players to earn points by completing gaming tasks (e.g. solve with no ‘pass’ button, 3 correct placements in a row, etc.)

  • In-app “store” for each advertiser, where users can redeem or bid earned points to receive branded rewards

  • Player skill tiers based on player average time score, with tier-specific content and games

  • Gaming perks such as achievement badges, bracket tournaments, in-app skins, animations and customizations

  • Automated Partner Program that matches advertisers with relevant influencer games that generate high traffic

  • ConsumerBreak® Digital Wallet for an automated cash prize delivery system