Frequently Asked Questions

Will you create a version for Android and for countries outside of the United States?

Absolutely! We have to start somewhere though. We intend to develop an Android app as a very high priority, and also bring ConsumerBreak® to a global scale following success in the United States.

How much does it cost to play?

Playing games on ConsumerBreak® is 100% free, and always will be. We only generate revenue from our advertising partners.

What are my chances of winning?

ConsumerBreak® is a game of skill, so it completely depends on you! The more that you play, the better you'll get. In the future, we will offer multiple games running simultaneously in separate competitions. We will also have other ways to win that don't depend on outscoring the fastest players - such as simply completing all levels, or accumulating points to be redeemed for rewards!

How much can I win?

There is no limit to how much cash you could win in any given year. In order to win over $600 in a year, you will simply have to return to us a valid IRS W-9 Form for tax purposes. Any one AdBreak® can have any amount of money as a prize. We expect most prizes to be anywhere from $50-$1,000, but the possibilities are endless!

However, there are limits to the number of prizes that you can win. After winning any prize, you may be ineligible to enter a Play until the following week. Also, if you win 20 prizes in any given year, you may be ineligible to enter a Play until the following calendar year. This is to avoid having any one person consistently win every time and discourage others from playing. If you do achieve these feats, be proud - that is no easy task! But let's give other people a shot too so we can continue to grow and offer larger and more frequent prizes!

How is this legal?

Although it can be confused that we are sharing our profits in the form of stock or a security, this is not the case at all. Each one of our AdBreaks® is run as a separate contest sponsored by 3rd party advertising partners, and as per our Official Rules the promotion is in substantial compliance with all applicable laws of the fifty states and the District of Columbia, as those laws are currently interpreted and enforced. Since participation does not require any form of payment and winners are only chosen through a proven game of skill, ConsumerBreak® does not violate the lottery, gambling or sweepstakes laws of any of the fifty states.