Brand messages are rarely glanced at for more than a few seconds in the busy world of social media, marketing and advertising. Agencies and advertisers are desperately trying to figure out how to engage with their audience in a way that sticks and converts.

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ConsumerBreak® adds value in the following ways:

  • Educates consumers in an interactive, immersive way

  • Promotes a competitive rewarding experience that is fun and generates social buzz

  • Guarantees that audience spends considerable time interacting with brand content

  • Motivates purchases and improves customer loyalty

  • Engages consumers aged 18-40 (U.S. only at this time)

Players study and attempt to memorize the images in order to solve the puzzles faster and increasing their chance of winning prizes by ranking higher on a leaderboard. From announcing deals and promotions to showcasing products to branding a campaign or slogan, paired with custom audio that is heard during gameplay, the marketing messages stay in consumers’ minds long after the contest is finished. This motivates purchases, influences calls-to-action, builds brand loyalty, and educates audiences in a fun way. 

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Unlike other digital marketing, every person that enters each contest is guaranteed to spend considerable time interacting with the brand content in order to progress through the game and on the "Competition Level" actually memorizing every part of the marketing image after repeat plays.

Out of over 1000 plays to date using the iOS prototype, users chose to replay this puzzle an average of 7 times (35s-70s per solve), and spend an average of 10-15 minutes in total engaging with the puzzles in a 15-level contest. At 1-week long contests, this offers a total of 60 unique storytelling points per month that are guaranteed to be engaged by all participants - with returning players spending an average of nearly an hour per month interacting with marketing messages!

After any contest is finished, we will provide a statistics report that includes the number of plays and attempts, number of clicks, number of shares, average time spent solving the Competition Level, and a leaderboard with all player contact information for prize delivery.

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Pricing depends on the campaign options chosen, prizes being sponsored and player reach. Please fill out the form below or email and include as much detail as possible about your brand to explore our options and get custom quoted for a campaign.